Thank You for choosing McKinney AUTO GLASS, Where Safety and Quality are the First Priority.

Since 1992 our growth is evident, with our decision to be different and use only premium glass that has the right Fit, And the best, One Hour cure Urethane (bonding agent) for your safety. To make an informed decision, you need to know that the windshield is engineered as a structural support for the roof.

Properly installed, the roof should support one and one half times the Vehicle’s weight in a roll over accident.

Is more Expensive Urethane necessary? We think so.

Why do some door glasses cost less than others? Door Glasses should have the proper curve and shape. An inferior shaped part will stress the electric regulator to which it’s attached. So don’t save a few dollars on an inferior door glass at the time of replacement, only to later spend more replacing the electric regulator.

Is a Premium door glass necessary? We think so.

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